Under Construction, but here is some eye candy anyway!

Here’s a Jem!  Click!

The initial test piece is a Warlock.  There were some factory blemishes on all of the Acrylic series B.C. Riches like cloudy control cavities and pickup routes.  Those were all polished smooth and clear to make sure of optimal light transmission and a clean crystal finish.  It didn’t look quite right upon assembly, so clear acrylic pickup bezels were made to heighten the effect.  Those bezels are included on all applicable Dregas Guitars and will soon be available in the Parts Department.

This guitar is the personal instrument of Mr. Dregas and is not for sale.   …Unless you’re Kerry King.  If you’re Kerry King from Slayer and want it, give us a call and we’ll talk.


This one is a production model.  Hit up the contact page for purchase details.